Welcome to the AR4CHE course!

Interested in getting a talented teacher for Cultural Heritage education using Augmented Reality? Then benefit from the AR4CHE course developed in the frame of the European CultApp project!

We wish you a lot of fun and success with the AR4CHE course!

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    The AR4CHE course offers teachers a unique opportunity to acquire relevant digital, media, and pedagogical skills and competencies needed for the successful incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) when planning, developing, and implementing didactical activities related to the promotion of Cultural Heritage (CH).

    The AR4CHE course will empower you:

    • to reflect the pedagogical value of AR for inspiring learners for CH-related topics,
    • to design and develop AR-based learning content, 
    • to plan and implement AR-based teaching and learning scenarios into your subjects to successfully promote Europe‚Äôs CH.  
      The target groups of the AR4CHE course are teachers from initial vocational  education training (iVET), secondary schools, or higher education sector of subjects such as Art, Culture, History, Media Design and/or Media production.